Finishing what we started

In November 2018 a conference was held in San Antonio, Texas to  commemorate 50 years since the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights held a six-day hearing to examine the status of civil rights for Mexican Americans in the Southwest. Scholars, attorneys, and community organizations came together to examine what progress had been made and what yet had to be accomplished. The conference was a great success with over 800 participants in attendance.

The planners of this project, FIFTY YEARS LATER, decided to document
the current status of civil rights for Mexican Americans as compared to fifty years ago. A book is being published that will accomplish this goal. This book by sixteen experts will also have recommendations that need to be made in public policy and legislation at the state and national level.

You can help us complete the publication by the Michigan State University Press, promote the book and raise the profile of the issues that exist today by making a tax-deductible contribution online here or by sending a check to “Academia America” for the Mexican American Civil Rights in Texas project, 1410 Guadalupe St #110, San Antonio, TX 78207.


“The work deserves publication for successfully accomplishing the assigned mission; to wit answering (1)  what problems do Mexican Texans still deal with today? (2) what sorts of gains have been made ? And (3) what remains to be achieved?”

“The books attention to, and solid coverage of the many issues affecting Mexican Americans effectively up-dates the discrimination, voting rights, poverty, immigration, and education.”